It looks like there is a chance that an economic stimulus package and checks are headed to the bank accounts of Americans. Before you get excited and give your information out to people calling you or emailing you asking for information make sure you are aware of scammers.

The Coronavirus Stimulus package may look like people getting a $1,200 check per adult who makes up to $75,000 plus $500 per child. Just to be aware, the money will likely come in the mail or direct deposited into your bank account based on your most recent information given to the IRS.

Signs that someone is trying to scam you using this as a guise:

  • You get a phone call from someone asking you for your Social Security Number. The government will not ask you for that information.
  • If they ask you for money in order for you to get your money. That isn't how it works. People don't get money by paying money.
  • If someone asks for your bank account information. That is not something you want to give people.
  • If it sounds fishy it probably is, you can always hang up and call the IRS or whatever agency they are claiming to be back.Just to be safe.

It is sad that people will take advantage of others during this time. Make sure that you keep yourself safe and be cautious.

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