Happy 2019 everyone! We are looking back at some of the stories that performed the best last year. Cheer to 2018 and hello 2019!

1.) The lip sync challenge hit Idaho hard. We had some amazing challenges from all over the Magic Valley. It all started with Gooding. These are so great. Kudos to all the Idaho departments that participated.

2.) The Bed Bath and Beyond Lady. For those who have seen the video, this is all I have to say. For those who have not, this lady walked around in a revealing outfit she claimed was a bathing suit. But no.

3.) The story of Braxten Nielsen is nothing short of amazing. A rodeo cowboy who was paralyzed while riding and was told he would never walk again. Well, he proved everyone wrong. Not only is he walking but he is dancing. We even got proof.

4.) When a Most Wanted sexual predator was last seen in Southwest Idaho, we worked to try and get this guy caught.

5.) When we found out that a South Idaho kidnapper was still at large. We did what we could to try and catch this guy too.

6.) When Chipotle decided to announce that after not even a full year in business, they were closing their doors. We were so excited for Chipotle but they just didn't succeed here.

7.) FINALLY! Olive Garden and Hobby Lobby announced they would be opening. Hobby Lobber is here and Olive Garden is opening in a few weeks! Best way to start 2019 is with some delicious soup, salad, and bread sticks.

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