Many things may still be closed but one thing that is always open (well almost always) is the Perrine Bridge for the adrenaline junkies out there. The weather has been nice and it is easy to remain 6 feet apart when jumping from a 486 foot bridge.

Adrenaline junkie who goes by the name Alyssa Green on Facebook loves sharing her crazy jumps off the bridge on her social media. We are obliged to share them as well. These three people, Alyssa, Rick Roessner and Si Davis jump together off the bridge, 6 feet apart and displaying all their insanity.


I have to admit watching these videos tends to make me sick but it is something I can't look away from. The views are stunning, the people are incredibly talented and let's be real, if this were me I would be dead already.

It looks like two of the jumpers actually do a flip or something off the bridge. What the heck?! As if jumping from that height isn't scary or dangerous enough, let's add some gymnastics and flipping and twirling. That sounds wonderful. No thank you. I will watch from the safety of my own computer.

One of the best and scariest parts about the weather getting nicer in the area is this is when the BASE jumpers come out to play in droves. You can almost always see a jumper if there is no wind and the sun is out. It is my first memory of driving into Twin Falls, watching a jumper.

Thanks Alyssa for letting me share! This is amazing.

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