Back to school season can be extremely stressful for kids as they adjust to having a new schedule, interacting with classmates, and for 2020 doing it all while a pandemic rages on. But the BTS time isn't just crazy for kids, parents have to deal with a lot too and for some parking in the lines is just too much to handle on top of all the other expectations. For the last week we've been asking for pictures from you to make a gallery specific to the bad parking at schools in Twin Falls. We ended up with 19 pictures from around town and you can check them all out below. Make sure to read the captions for the expert critiques.

Terrible Parking In Twin Falls: Back To School Edition

As always, if you see a bad parking job you can take a picture and send it our way but don't mess with other people's vehicles. If you see your car in one of our galleries and didn't like it, we also invite you to park inside the designated areas to avoid further fame.

Be courteous, drive safe, and have a great new school year.

Social Distancing Parking

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