Typing in a phrase to a search engine is the most natural action for humans these days. It’s good that answers to questions are so readily available. Knowledge is power, right? But sometimes typing in the wrong phrase can have unintended consequences.

Anyone who has done searches knows that not all results supply what we were looking for. If you type in ‘belly laugh’, many results pop up, from videos of kids laughing, to audio of a baby laughing, to a dictionary definition. But maybe what you wanted was information about a new comedy club. How you put together the phrase is as important as the information for which you are searching.

Do Not Type These Phrases Into Your Search Engine

There may be specific information you are looking for, but if you want to avoid some online scams, there are some terms you should not use. Sponsored sites can be bought to show at the top of your search. There’s no guarantee the search result is exactly what you think. Search engine optimization helps scammers as much as legitimate companies. I found an article that can help you avoid the pitfall of scams.

  • Free Credit Report - Well, this could be a whopper. Scammers can publish something you think is a legitimate place for a credit report and get plenty of information to steal. There are 3 credit reporting agencies that have to supply a free credit report annually. Transunion, Experian, and Equifax will all provide one if requested.
  • Make Money Online - I know there are legitimate ways to make money online. I know that typing that phrase in a search engine is an awesome way to find places that will help you lose money online.
  • Tech Support Phone Numbers - Scammers can use the numbers of official sites and make it appear you are clicking tech support of the company you need. Call tech support off the official website of the company. Don’t click a searched phone number.
  • Crypto Wallet - Cryptocurrency is confusing enough as it is. Don’t try making your own wallet alone without consulting people in the know first.
  • Free People Search - These sites are well-known for sketchy activities. There are ways to look up people via government agencies, arrest records, or any property purchases.
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Not only do you need to keep your email and texts safe from scams. Your searches need to be more thoughtful as well.

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