As parents it's our job to set rules. This is easier said than done. I've always wanted to be the "yes mom". Oh to be able to say, "yes you can stay up until 10:00, yes you can eat chips and salsa for dinner." Telling my kids "yes" sounds like so much fun! But we all know that saying, "yes" all of the time isn't a great idea.

As parents that have rules in our homes what is your policy on kids and cell phones at night?

Webwatcher suggests that there are several reasons not to let your kids keep their phones at night including their health.

Mobile Geeks suggests that you should not take your kids technology away from them. Kids are growing up in this world with technology and it's our job as parents, to teach them how to manage their time with electronics.

What's your policy? Do your kids have their cell phones at bedtime? Do you monitor how late they are staying up, or do you let them make those decisions on their own?

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