Living in a city can bring many dangers with it. The more people, the higher the crime rate, the more traffic, and it can be a bit intimidating to live in a major city. Living in smaller towns usually makes life a little simpler and safer, but for some that isn't an option. Even visiting a city can at times be dangerous, depending on what part you are in. When it comes to living and visiting cities, which are the safest in the United States, which are the most dangerous, and how safe or dangerous are the cities of Idaho?

The Safest and Most Dangerous Cities in the United States

Credit: Brent Pace on Unsplash
Credit: Brent Pace on Unsplash

When it comes to living or traveling through cities, one wrong turn could put you in a neighborhood you don't want to be in and put you in danger. WalletHub recently released a list ranking cities in the country from the safest city to the most dangerous city, and used categories to do so, such as home and community safety, natural disaster risk, and financial safety. Using these criteria, it was determined that Nashua, New Hampshire is the safest city in the country, with Columbia, Maryland being the second safest, and South Burlington, Vermont rounding out the three safest cities. Out of a possible 182 cities, St Louis is the most dangerous, with Fort Lauderdale, Florida being the second most dangerous, and San Bernardino, California rounding out the three least safe cities in the country. 

Are Cities in Idaho Safe or Dangerous?

Credit: knowlesgallery
Credit: knowlesgallery

When it comes to the cities in Idaho, they appear to be some of the safer ones in the country. Two cities in the Gem State made the list, with Boise being ranked 20 and Nampa being ranked 27. Boise is 38 in home and community safety, 71 in natural disaster safety, and 27 in financial safety. Nampa is 39 in home and community safety, 49 in natural disaster safety, and 67 in financial safety. There are certain safeties that these cities can improve on, but natural disasters are something that can't be avoided, making Boise's potential to move up this list in the future a little tougher. 

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While the two Idaho cities on this list might not be in the top ten for safest, being in the top 30 is no slouch. It is good to know that there is little to no danger when visiting them, or if you choose to move to them in the future. To see the full list, make sure to click on the link above. 

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