Apple and Samsung have been fighting in various courts for the better part of a year now screaming at each other about who copied who. Samsung has won a few battles along the way, but today Apple won the war.

Here's what the jury decided:

  • Samsung copied Apple's interface design - basically the grid design with bright, glossy icons, how the pages "bounce" and "snap back."
  • Many of Samsung's devices copy the "front dress" - basically how the device looks.
  • Samsung willfully infringed on multiple Apple patents. That's intellectual property theft.
  • Samsung was unable to contest any of Apple's patents.
  • The jury awarded Apple $1,051,855,000 in damages!

The verdicts impact almost every single one of Samsung's devices. The implications of this verdict not only destroy Samsung and label them little more than thieves, but set a president for the entire electronics industry.

After the original iPhone debuted, there was a dramatic shift in the aesthetics of mobile phones. This verdict means that the look of smartphones as we know them now belongs to Apple. How many other companies could find themselves at the end of an Apple lawsuit?

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