An anti-mask mandate demonstration happened before the Twin Falls City Council meeting Monday. Over 300 people showed up and over 100 watched on Facebook.

Currently we are still waiting on the decision of the Twin Falls City Council. There were several key note speakers ranging from a an epidemiologist specialist, lawyer and a specialist from Arizona who discussed the dangers of masks. There were several other speakers as well, Ammon Bundy was one and a pastor another. You can see the full video to get all the information.

Anti Mask Demonstration

The demonstration used, "science, moral and legal" information to explain how the mask mandate is "treasonous" and "tyrannical". The lawyer explained how you could "flex your muscles" to potentially get members of the Twin Falls City Council arrested for overstepping their boundaries.

The Twin Falls City Hall employees could be seen watching the demonstration from windows in the building as well. The demonstration focused on civil rights, the legal or moral authenticity of a mask mandate and potential legal ramifications for both those who were to vote yes on the mandate and those who, if the mask mandate goes through, were to choose not to comply. It is a lot of information to be considered.

There was a lot of historical references as well. I suggest you listen to the entire Facebook Live event if you are interested in all aspects of the demonstration.

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