Anderson Ranch Reservoir

What could you possibly add to this get-away weekend?  The area around Andersen Ranch Reservoir is dotted with campsites, beaches, hot springs, grocery shopping and restaurants.  You’ll also notice you get everything from high desert terrain to wooded mountains.

There are a great many vacation options in Idaho and neighboring states.  If you want some thrills then pick out an amusement park.  If you like skiing, find a slope in winter.  If you like geologic history, then try Craters of the Moon.  Personal histories, then the state is dotted with museums and at City of Rocks with personal messages left by travelers since the 1840s.

The slow drive actually gives you a great opportunity to take in the scenery.

But if you just want a few days where you can put up your feet and relax, the reservoir in early July is the kind of spot you’ll appreciate.

The road is winding but unlike Teton Pass, it doesn’t require white knuckle driving while you fear taking your eyes off the pavement even for a split second.  You won’t be speeding the curves around Anderson Ranch Reservoir.  The slow drive actually gives you a great opportunity to take in the scenery.  At one point, I stood along the shore and just watched a boat slowly bobbing on the water.  It’s called a natural cure for high blood pressure.

By the way, this post is designed as a test run of a new system we’ve got on our website.  It’s to provide a photo gallery and with some explanation of what each picture represents.  As luck would have it, I had 60 pictures from the reservoir last weekend.  I like looking at them after a long day at the office.

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