I am not a BIG fans of TRUCK NUTZ ever since we heard about them.  If you aren't familiar, you are not missing much.

Charleston Post and Courior just released a story about a 65-year-old woman named Virginia Tice from Bonneau, South Carolina is a BIG FAN of the look.  She bought a nice, bright red-colored pair and hung them off the trailer hitch on her truck.

Technically, she didn't buy Truck Nutz.  She bought their more expensive cousin, Bulls Balls.  But Truck Nutz are the better known brand.

There's only one problem.  South Carolina has a law banning obscene bumper stickers.  And when some cops spotted Virginia's ornament, they felt like she fell under that law.

On July 5th, she was given a $445 ticket because of her testes.  The story didn't hit the press until now.

And her case is actually going to go to TRIAL next month, by request of the Bonneau police chief.  He wants a judge to decide and rule whether these and future Truck Nutz can be considered obscene under the bumper sticker law.

In the past, Maryland, Florida, and Virginia have debated the obscenity of Truck Nutz, but none of those states ruled them obscene.

Virginia's attorney says she doesn't want to discuss the case before the trial.

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