The newest Monopoly game just released by the Hasbro company is making some millennials mad, but it sounds hilarious. The old classic board game has a new spin as the game is no longer based around buying real estate, to win this game you need to rack up life experiences.

You can still see Rich Uncle Pennybags on the game box but he is wearing bright blue sunglasses while taking a selfie and listening to earbuds. The tagline toward the bottom of the game box reads, "Forget Real Estate. You Can't Afford It Anyway."

If you want to capture points quickly in the new Monopoly for Millennials game you will want to rescue animals or go on a yoga retreat. That is hilarious, while I love my rescue animals we all know that is a funny stereotype. The fact that some people are getting mad over a board game is ridiculous, there are so many other things to worry about.

While I tried to see if I could purchase the game through the official Hasbro website, there is no purchase information listed at this time.

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