This just seems unfair.  How can one family POSSIBLY be this lucky? I'm not even lucky enough to find a great parking spot at the grocery store.

Charlotte Observer reported that back in 1991, Amy McCauley of Fort Mill, South Carolina won $15.5 MILLION in the New York lottery.  And rather than just call it a day and retire from the lottery, she kept playing.

In 2007, almost 16 years later, Amy won AGAIN . . . she won a $161,172 jackpot in a drawing called the Carolinas Cash 5 game.

And now, earlier this month, her DAUGHTER, Kimberly McCauley, took over the lucky streak and won the family's THIRD big jackpot.

Kimberly took down a $100,000 jackpot in a scratch-off game called '10 Times the Money.'

Other than their jackpots, Amy also won a couple $1,000 prizes in other scratch-off games in 2009.

Added up, the family is close to $16 MILLION in lottery winnings.

Do you think it should be against the rules for a family to win more than once?