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A couple of months ago now seems like decades ago.  I was looking through some photographs from last fall and the “burning bush” caught my attention.  This Christian Holy Week may be weighing heavily on my mind. 

While you can’t eat scenery, I’d still rather be here than some tenement in Detroit.

It’s not against the decree of the regime to go for a hike or a walk in the woods.  Soon the entirety of the valley will be in bloom.  Walking may be one of the few options we’ll have left.  Gas is dirt cheap but many can’t afford such a luxury.  A bit of gallows humor says it’s again being like 16.  Gas is cheap and I’m grounded!  That one has been making its way around social media.

I don’t want to be one of those cheerleaders who tell us Americans always get through these times (and, yes, there have been worse).  The people offering the bromides simply want another 2 to 4 to 6 years in office.  They’ll wrap themselves in flags and tales of our forebearers.

But it’s not all doom.  You could be living through these times in some squalid slum in some dying Great Lakes city.  Instead, we’re in Idaho.  One month ago, many of us still had big dreams.  Many are now dashed, however.  While you can’t eat scenery, I’d still rather be here than some tenement in Detroit.  Plus, their teams all stink and would’ve only increased the pain had sports not been cancelled.

Can you imagine living in Detroit, having COVID-19 and being a Lions fan?  There are fates almost worse than death!

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