Most of us enjoy a good scare. That's why we go to haunted houses, BASE jump, whitewater kayak, and ride scary roller coasters. There is an amount of joy that comes from being terrified and then in the end realizing you are fine.

OnlyInYourState has put together a nice map you could follow to the 8 most haunted places in Southern Idaho, and you could visit them all in a day if you hurry, or do it over a weekend and take your time. Round trip travel time is under 9 hours.

The 8 Most Haunted Places In Southern Idaho

  1. Rock Creek Singing Bridge
  2. Stricker Ranch
  3. Howells Opera House
  4. The Albion School Campus
  5. Ammon Park
  6. Rose Hill Cemetery
  7. Craters Of The Moon
  8. Get Inn/University Inn