Winter weather is here and that means the roads are going to be sketchy. Depending on who you are and the vehicle you drive determines what that sketchiness means.

This is the first winter of driving for my oldest son and he's not into it. He'd rather walk or let a parent drive him than use his freedom to drive himself. Other people with more years of practice under their belts feel more comfortable on the snowy roads or those years of practice make them feel less comfortable on the road. There are many variables that determine how you drive in the winter weather.

What Type Of Winter Driver Are You

Some people hate driving in the snow and will do whatever it takes to not have to do it. I actually like driving in the snow, usually. I understand that there are dangers to slick roads and limited visibility, but there is still a beauty and joy that comes with driving in a snowstorm. Maybe I'm crazy. What about you?

What Kind Of Winter Driver Are You In Southern Idaho

There are 6 types of winter drivers in Southern Idaho.

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There Are 6 Types Of Winter Drivers In Southern Idaho

If you drive in Idaho during the winter, you fall into one or more of six categories of drivers. There's a 7th type of person when it comes to winter driving: the ones who won't do it. Since they don't actually drive they don't get to be on the list of driving types. We also aren't including the drivers who use their sleds or 4-wheelers.

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On Idaho roads, you have: the terrified to drive in the snow, the ones who put all their trust in their 4x4, the cars who drive like trucks, the slow turtle drivers, the oblivious drivers, and the cautious drivers.

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