Such a tragic story for the area. This woman has been dead and unidentified for 5 years now. Could there be anyone out there right now that could help with this 5-year-old cold case?

Back on September 9, 2014, a woman was found after she fell into the water from the Perrine Bridge. Apparently she made national news in hopes that someone would be willing to come forward and tell us her name. Idaho Cold Cases said she came to Twin Falls and stopped at a local store before she fell into the water off the Perrine Bridge.

Named Jane Doe 0909, she is between the age of 45 and 50, weighs approximately 140 pounds, maybe more. She is Caucasian but potentially was a mixed ethnicity. The woman was 5 feet 5 inches tall with well cared for veneers and a scar on her left arm. She also had short brown hair, hazel eyes, a brown mole on her left cheek and non-colored moles under her lip and on her lower forehead.

Her DNA, fingerprints and dental records were all obtained but she is still unidentified. When the authorities got her out of the water they figured she had been in the water for an hour. She was found wearing a black shirt and black cargo pants that were too large cinched with a belt. She was also wearing men's shoes size 11.5 that were also too big for her. A cap was found in her pants pocket as well.

If you can help identify this woman who was buried with no name or family, please let authorities know.

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