I love winter. It isn't my favorite season, because that would be silly to prefer winter gloom over summer sunshine, but I do enjoy the snow. Last weekend we braved the wind of Saturday to sled at Vista Bonita Park. Then on Sunday, under much more favorable conditions, we went sledding again but at the hill next to the Twin Falls City Pool. That was fun. But the trouble with winter is that when you aren't doing something fun, like sledding, your kids will act like they are going to die of boredom. There is hope though as your kids might be able to cash-in on the winter weather if they are willing to put in a little work.

They might also need your help if they can't drive yet, but I do think there are some money-making possibilities in the Magic Valley for a kid who isn't afraid of making work fun.

  • Build snowmen for the neighbors. This is probably the best idea on the list. This combines the joy of playing in the snow with the joy of making money. Wouldn't it be cool to have a nice snowman out in your yard that you didn't have to freeze your fingers to build?
  • Rent out sleds. There are years where it has been impossible to find a sled at stores. if you have a few stockpiled, you could rent them out for a small fee and make enough to buy new ones for yourself. If they can do it with kayaks in the summer why not with sleds in the winter?
  • Shovel neighbors' sidewalks and driveways. This would require a kid who can get out early enough to shovel before the customer gets around to leaving the house. But if a kid with a paper route can get up early so can a snow shoveler.
  • Scrape the windows of neighbors' cars. This would also require you to get out early so the cars are ready for when the customer is ready to leave their house. But even for a few bucks I'd pay a kid to do it for me while I slept in an extra five minutes.
  • Organize a neighborhood snowball fight. This one might seem petty since you should just do this anyways, but what if you offered your snowball throwing arm to kids you don't know? I'm sure there are kids out there with no siblings or a limited friend pool who would love to have someone play with them in the snow. Just as I bet there are parents who would rather have someone else go freeze with their kid.
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We have more winter weather expected this weekend and I can see some of those ideas being just what we need in Twin Falls. I see far too many yards without snowmen after a good snow fall. I don't know anyone who enjoys going out to their car to scrape the windows. And shoveling snow has been a proven necessity since people first had walkways.

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