We love our great state! People who live here know there isn't any other place quite like it. And even if you haven't been here long, chances are you have heard a visitor say at least one of these things to you.

1.) Repeat the You-Da-Hoe joke. Yes, that's hilarious. Every....single....time. No really, it's not like we have never heard it before.

2.) Tell us we mispronounce our own areas. I know you think Shoshone should have a long e at the end, but we don't pronounce it that way. We live here, we aren't pronouncing our names wrong. That's like saying a guy names Aaron is pronouncing his own name wrong and should be A-A-Ron. Stop it.

3.) Say, "What do you even do in Idaho?" or "There is nothing in Idaho". Actually, you go ahead and believe that. More camping, hiking, fishing, exploring, white water rafting and hunting for us.

4.) Insult fry sauce, finger steaks or potatoes. Don't do it! These are sacred in this state. If you don't like those things, don't order them and eat your french fries with bland ketchup or ranch. Also, I don't trust anyone who doesn't like deep fried steak.

5.) Exclaim you know everything about Idaho because you saw Napoleon Dynamite. Not even close. There is so much more to it than a little town in Preston. Sure, good movie, but not an accurate representation of Idaho.

Seriously, visitors, just stop it! STOP IT!

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