Happy Earth Day! I know it doesn't get as much recognition as a lot of the holidays out there but it is debatable that it is more important. We have five reasons Twin Falls is the best place to celebrate Earth Day.


  • 1

    Everything Is Close

    A lot of people suggest you celebrate Earth Day by walking or biking places you need to go. Fortunately for us, everything you need is relatively close enough that walking and biking is possible without over exertion.

  • 2

    This Place Is Beautiful

    Celebrating Earth Day is about appreciating the planet. We have so many opportunities to appreciate the beauty around us. All you have to do is go outside and be swept away by how gorgeous this place is.

  • 3

    You Can Do Anything Outside

    If you enjoy doing things outside, this place is the best for you. We can hike, bike, fish, hunt, kayak, you name it you can do it. Appreciate Earth and do it all right here.

  • 4

    Our Community

    We have an amazing community. People here love to band together for a good cause. There is a movement for cleaning the Perrine Bridge and areas around it just because people love the area and want it clean.

  • 5

    Farmers and Gardeners

    A big thing people do to celebrate Earth Day is to plant a tree or eat vegetables. We have so many farmers and gardeners in the area we basically do it year round anyway.

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