Spring is one of the best times to go around and check out the area waterfalls. They usually flow pretty well after the snow run off and you aren't going to want to miss these.


  • 1

    Phantom Falls

    located in the South Hills, it is a little bit of a hike to get to but totally worth it. From the road, it is about a mile and a half and it flows pretty well in the spring. It slowly gets less as time goes on so the earlier in the spring the better (as long as it isn't blocked off by snow).

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    Ross Falls

    If you are going to Phantom Falls you can hit Ross Falls too. You have to pass Ross Falls to get to Phantom Falls, totally worth it as well. Hit both up in the same trip.

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    Box Canyon

    It seems there is a theme here, you have to do a bit of a hike but it is probably the easiest one. There is a boardwalk and paths to get to them and the waterfalls here are stunning.

  • 4

    Malad Gorge

    Also known as the Devils Washboard Falls during the spring it gets pretty incredible. It looks like it is bubbling out of the canyon wall, plus there are others throughout the canyon you don't want to miss.

  • 5

    Salmon Falls Reservoir Spillway

    Heading down to Salmon Dam is gorgeous year round but seeing the spillway during the spring is spectacular.

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