It is so sad that Maxie's in Twin Falls closed. And it is really sad that the building hasn't sold yet. So, we are trying to come up with some things that would be perfect to take it's place.


  • 1


    Yes, the perfect thing to replace Maxie's is Maxie's. Wishful thinking. But I really wish they would come back.

  • 2

    All The Taps In One House

    A tap house that featured all of the local breweries' beers would be epic. It is a quiet nice little place that would be fun to have a few beers in.

  • 3

    Treasure Cove

    I know we have a pretty sweet arcade in the mall, but who says there isn't room for another arcade. Put the Treasure Cove back in there and it could be a blast.

  • 4

    Robotics Gym

    There are a ton of talented kids making robotics around the area. Whether they are robotic machines that fight or create really cool ideas, that would be so fun. Get a "fighting ring" in there for robots for kids and families.

  • 5

    Old School Music Store

    Vinyl is making a huge comeback. It would be a great start for an old-school music store. Get a ton of vinyl records in there, old school record players, and some leather couches. Boom! So much fun!

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