Idaho has been a birth-state, and home, to many great musicians. Some of those musicians are famous like Nikki Sixx, Paul Revere (and the Raiders), and Gary Puckett. Many other musicians are amazing at their instruments but haven't reached their international fame yet. Then there is apparently a group related to Idaho while not actually being related to Idaho at all.

There are a few bands named Idaho with no apparent relation to Idaho. One band hails from Russia, another from a Spanish speaking location, and one hails from California. I searched a bit and couldn't find any good reason any of these bands took on the name Idaho. What, are we a joke to them or simply so cool that they couldn't pass up the name?

Let's start with the oddest of the bands. Hailing from Russia, CoverBand IDAHO sings in a language I don't understand. I also don't understand why they chose Idaho. An added disclosure here, there actually appears to be 2 Russian IDAHO bands. The group on YouTube in the video below looks very different from the group on Facebook. If there are 2 of them, then things just got even more weird.

The next odd Idaho band is named just that: Idaho Band. They sing in Spanish and are extremely heavy in their musical tone. They may be a new band as they have uploaded 6 videos to their YouTube over the last day.

The final band on this small list is from California. Why they chose Idaho as their band name is beyond me. The California band, Idaho, formed in the early 90's and has dozens of songs uploaded on YouTube.

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