2018 Summer Pet Photo Contest

It's time for you to cast your vote in the Valley View Veterinary Clinic 2018 Summer Photo Contest!

Just scroll through the gallery of our 10 finalists and vote daily for your favorite. Voting will be open to registered VIPs through July 8th . On Monday, July 9th, we’ll announce the winner and award the Playstation 4.

And if you're one of our finalists, be sure to encourage your friends, family and co-workers to vote for your pic!


It’s all brought to you by Valley View Veterinary Clinic in Twin Falls. A mixed animal clinic, they spend about half of their time working on dogs and cats and the other half working on cattle (beef and dairy), horses, elk, alpacas, goats, pigs, sheep, and bison. They provide general, affordable veterinary care for both small and large animals.


Finalists using bots or other means of cheating, risk disqualification.  

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