The Magic Valley is a unique place and it is a melting pot of cultures. If you have lived here long enough, you have either seen people or started doing these things yourself.

1.) Put the state of Idaho on EVERYTHING. There are stickers, hats, shirts, signs. Everything has the state of Idaho on it, and a lot of the time it says IdaHOME.

2.) Camo is not only a fashion statement, but encouraged. Sure, if you aren't hunting it isn't much help, but people love wearing it anyway. They even make recliners out of camo.

3.) Moo-ed at open range cows. Yes, it's a thing. People moo at cows here. And rarely, the cows will moo back. They mostly just stare at you like your crazy though.

4.) People in the Magic Valley will drive 5 hours just to go fishing for a day or camping for the night. It isn't a long drive until it takes longer than a work day.

5.) Go to rodeo's. Whether it is the Snake River Stampede or a bunch of local kids, people go to the rodeo. You don't even have to know a rodeo kid to support it.

6.) Also, that Idaho Potato Truck, people in the Magic Valley love when it is in town and will gladly travel to go see it. We even heard it's getting a remodel. No doubt, people will travel to see the new changes.

7.) People in the Magic Valley complete the work "smurf" with "turf". They go together like chicken and rice. A smurf is not the cuddly little blue creatures, it is the "smurf turf" where people in the Magic Valley go to bleed blue and cheer on the Boise State Broncos.

8.) They also celebrate Vandals. If you don't "bleed blue" in the Magic Valley, chances are you are a supporter of University of Idaho Vandals.

9.) They don't go to swimming pools, they go to hot springs. Magic Valley residents tend to skip the pool, they have rivers and lakes, and just go to the hot springs, especially during winter and fall.

10.) They don't care about the weather. They do what they want. 110 degrees outside? No problem, go fishing, tubing, hiking. -30 degrees outside? Who cares, ice fishing it is!

What do you think we missed?

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