Lots of vacation plans have been cancelled this year due to the Coronavirus. The good news though, is the Magic Valley has some great options for beautiful and romantic "stay-cation" areas.

Air BnB is becoming more and more popular. Staying in a beautiful home with all the amenities is just more appealing than a hotel sometimes. The views can certainly be better and at times cheaper. We found 10 beautiful and some even romantic places to stay if you want to get away without actually going too far.

  • 1

    Mathews Farm

    This is for a bigger get together, but for $100 per night 5 of you can stay in this gorgeous and quaint farm home. It is located in Buhl so it is a nice little get away. There is a fireplace in the back yard too.

  • 2

    Mary Anne's Place at the Orchard

    This one is also located in Buhl but it fits 4 guests. A little more cottage like, a little more rustic but has a gorgeous view. Could be a cute and romantic get away for 2 as well.

  • 3

    Rivers Edge: The Huggery

    This one screams romantic get away in my opinion. A very close quarters guest house near the river. Easy access to the water, hiking and more. Rent it for $95 per night.

  • 4

    Billingsley Creek Guest Suite

    Located in Hagerman, this guest house fits 2 people. Maybe a nice anniversary get away. Easy access to water, you can see wildlife in the pictures and a gorgeous seating area.

  • 5

    Vintage Cottage

    This would be great for a family get away. It can fit 6 people, there is a huge back patio and wonderful amenities. You get the apartment to yourself. Bring a group of friends or the kiddos.

  • 6

    Artdoorsy UnCommons

    I want to go check this place out just by the pictures. Kind of a funky feel to it but very rustic and quite beautiful. It is located in Twin Falls and looks like something straight out of the Chronicles of Narnia

  • 7

    Cabin Guest House

    Located in Jerome, this has a very cabin feel to it. It is rustic and perfect for a family get away. This place fits 7 guests, has a cute pond and beautiful view.

  • 8

    Entire Billingsley Guest House

    You get the guest house to yourself, 4 guests can stay but it is also a nice romantic scene. Access to the river and an open fire pit. This one will cost you $75 per night.

  • 9

    Stay in an apartment that is part of Mariner Mansion in Hagerman. For $60 per night you can have up to 6 guests. I feel like the reason you stay here is for the culture and vintage feel. It looks wonderful.

  • 10

    River's Edge

    Also located in Hagerman, this suite will fit 5 guests and it is right on the water. This is perfect for the adventuring family who wants to go kayaking, fishing or swimming on the river. It can hold all your equipment and your family.

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