If you have ever bought something online and when the item arrived, it was definitely not as ordered, these are the kind of people behind those scams. A recent FBI raid in Boise ended in the arrest of 10 people for allegedly selling fake phones online. An estimated 25,000 people may have been affected by the multi-million dollar counterfeit scheme over the last decade according to KTVB.

I recently had an experience that really felt like a scam. I bought a fitness watch with a heart-rate monitor for my wife online through (what is commonly thought of as) a reputable site. When it arrived it looked like what we had ordered except it didn't have the heart-rate monitor feature. I then spent 2 weeks and 12 emails back and forth with the company trying to get what I had ordered.

Initially they told me the wrong one must have been in a bin and asked if I just wanted the one I got instead. I said no. They then said they were actually out of the one I ordered and asked if I would keep the one they sent and they would refund me $1. I thought it was a joke and I said no again. They then wrote back and told me to keep the watch and they'd give me $5 back. I told them I don't want the watch and I just need a refund. Eventually they gave in after more attempts at bartering and refunded me the whole amount.

Have you ever had to deal with sketchy online sellers?