Do You Act Middle Aged?
I may act middle aged even though I have a few years before I officially become middle aged. What's even worse is that I am completely OK with it. Do you do the same thing?  If you are wondering if you act middle aged, read the list below and apply it to your life.
15 Signs That You Are Getting Old
We all feel old at times. Rather it's when a college student tells you that 30 years of age is old, or when you are annoyed by all the "new" music on the radio. Even if these things have happened to you, you may not be old until the following signs start to occur:
1.  Feeling stiff.
2.  Groa…
Do You Sing in the Car?
Not to pick on the elderly, but we all know how most old people drive, right?  Sure, they drive slowly and carefully . . . but they don't have the best response time when it comes to turn signals, changing lanes, or a light turning green.
According to NBC 11 - Mississippi that's how YO…
Women Say Men Start Losing Their Looks at Age 30
The stereotype says men LOVE young women and think women start losing their looks as soon as they pass, like, age 20.  But women aren't quite as superficial . . . they see older men as more distinguished and handsome.
Men Feel Old At 58, Women Feel Old At . . . 29
People always tend to make a big deal over turning 30, but really, it's not that bad.  And it certainly doesn't mean that your life is over.
As long as you're a man, that is.  If you're a woman, then, yeah, you're done.
 According to a new study, the average man…
Who’s old? YOU are!
Hey, who's in the mood to feel TRAGICALLY OLD?  Here's a list of 12 things that children born this year will NEVER know.
#1.)  Video tapes.
#2.)  Travel agents.
#3.)  Movie rental stores.