I'm only 41 years old.  I've never thought 41 was even close to old... until just now.  

Some kids were just in our pasture at the radio station.  They were climbing through the fence and using it as a shortcut between their house and the park next to us.

They don't seem to be causing any trouble but they are climbing close to sensitive equipment and if they fall and hurt themselves... Well... you know how that stuff goes, right?

I've given them a few nice warnings but when I saw them cutting through the fence again, I snapped.  I ran outside and yelled... "Hey!  You kids!  If I catch you back there one more time, I'm getting your parents!"

That's when it hit me.  I just officially crossed the threshold and went straight from youthful to grumpy old man within a 30-second time frame.  I bypassed middle age all together.

It's moments like this that define us.  What was yours?