For Idaho fans of the Yellowstone series, I have some exciting news for you. The season five premiere date has been revealed, and some fans will have a tough time waiting for it.

I've been a fan since the first episode of season one was released in June of 2018. The pandemic caused a huge delay in the release of season four, and it felt like an eternity by the time it finally arrived. Filming of the show also ceased in Salt Lake City in 2020, as producers made the decision to begin filming solely in Montana, which further delayed production.

I've heard mixed reviews of the last season from fans I know. I've had people tell me that they thought it was the worst of all so far, but those who said these things are still die-hard fans. I found it pretty entertaining, but there did seem to be a lull as far as action was concerned in the fourth season.

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The Paramount Network shared the upcoming season five release date Wednesday on the program's official Facebook page. The sad reality is that we are going to have to wait another six months for it. Season five will be released for streaming on Sunday, November 13, and not Father's Day (June 19) like the first two seasons were released.

No official trailer has been released for season five yet, and there are plenty of YouTubers that have uploaded their own efforts full of false gossip and conspiracy theories pertaining to the upcoming season. I'll struggle with the rest of you for the next six months while we wait. Stay strong Idaho.

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