The time has come. The time is now. The annual 'Repair of the Broken Sprinklers' has begun.

Gone are the days when we didn't even know we had to open the system for irrigation. That used to require a call to a landscape company. They wouldn't even charge us when they came out to see the problem and would smile sympathetically as they opened the water line. Those days are gone. In my home, we are seasoned Twin Falls sprinkler owners now.

How Do I Start My Sprinklers in the Spring?

When we decided it was time to turn on our sprinklers for the first time this year, my husband impatiently waited in the backyard to see if there were any issues. I couldn't get the sprinklers to turn on.  After 5 minutes of yelling from the garage to the farthest point of my backyard, he trudged back to see for himself.

We attempted the go-to for all things technical - unplugging and plugging back in - with no effect. Instead of burning an hour of precious daylight trying to fix things ourselves, we broke the rules and jumped directly to the internet. The internet did not disappoint. This particular sprinkler control module will not run without a proper battery backup. Who knew?

The sprinkler control module was ready to go with a new 9-volt. I was at my station in the garage and in the backyard. I proceeded to run each station for too long since I was unable to hear my husband bellowing to start the next station of sprinklers. This was a yearly tradition developed to entertain the neighbors. After running all 5 stations, we were dumbfounded. What happened?

There was not 1 broken sprinkler head. No need to adjust the spray angle on any head. The soaker lines in the garden were perfect. We stood staring off into the middle distance wondering what to do.

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Had the world gone mad? Was the house in danger of a meteor strike? Did the zombie apocalypse begin? Were we doomed to be swallowed by an earthquake? Not once since moving into this house did we ever start up the sprinklers without fixing at least 2 of them. Quickly, my husband relieved the pressure. “I want to change a couple of heads to the more expensive ones. I need to get these sprinkler heads set higher and not leaning.”


Whew, I’m not sure how much of the planet may have been damaged if he hadn’t taken on that responsibility, but the catastrophe was averted. Anyone who sees my husband out in public should thank him for his generous gesture of yard work to save the world.

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