I generally have no problem paying $0.99 for an app on my iPhone. When I hit $5.99... or $6.99... or even $9.99... then I start to have reservations. But today I stumbled onto an app that has 150 apps built into it! 150!

The app is called 'Appzilla 3: 150 in 1.' Admittedly, most of the apps are just "stubs," which means they only have one feature, and probably couldn't be considered an app on their own. There's a camera app that only has one filter attached, or a level, or an area code search, or an age calculator. But out of 150 choices, you're going to find a few that make it worth $0.99.

What I like:

  • Atmosphere - details about the wind speed.
  • Bubble Level - a great, easy to read level.
  • Flashlight - turns the LED on your iPhone into a handy flashlight.
  • Group Email - You can create custom groups to email. Why doesn't iOS do this standard?
  • System Info - Find out what model iPhone you have, your system version, hard drive space, MAC address and more.

What I think is dumb:

  • LED Banner. You remember those LED signs that would constantly scroll one message? This app turns your iPhone into that. Dumb.
  • Lighter - Yep. It's a Zippo lighter.
  • Google Services - The included the free links to Gmail, Books, Docs, Cal, and others and count them as "apps."
  • Age Calculator - Yes, I know how old I am already. Thanks for reminding me.
  • Color Strobe - That's exactly what I need my iPhone to do: flash annoyingly! Thanks!

Appzilla 3 has some winners and losers in it's list of 150 apps, but I think the winners merit paying $0.99.

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