A casual conversation at work brought about some interesting thoughts. A co-worker of mine is having family come to visit. She knows they drink a particular type of carbonated beverage, but couldn’t find it at the store. She went ahead and bought another brand of something similar figuring that would be fine. My eyes shot open in surprise and disgust. How could she possibly think that type of substitute is acceptable?

How many times do we go out to eat and ask for Coke, only to be met with the question, “Is Pepsi okay?”. How many people say yes? Can’t restaurants just stock both? No? Then don’t even offer the other. Just say “Pepsi only here.” Some restaurants have it posted outside which one is available so you can decide if you even want to bother walking in the door. Will Coke drinkers lower their standards to Pepsi? Can Pepsi followers change drinks for one sitting? I’m not sure it is possible.

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My husband will not budge. If Coke isn’t available, he will opt for Dr. Pepper, root beer, or a fruit soda. There is no way he will drink a Pepsi. Believe me, we have had serious debates on the difference between Fanta vs. Sunkist vs. Crush. For him, there is no changing over.

I am kind of a root beer snob. I have taken myself out of the Coke vs. Pepsi debate altogether. I quit drinking either. I am bigger than that pettiness - unless you talk about root beer. I will just drink water at a restaurant if they have Barq’s. Water is healthier anyway. When at home, it has to be glass-bottled Dad’s. No substitutions.

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Then there is the debate of diet vs. zero sugar. I won’t drink diet or zero anything. They taste awful. If I am going for the poison, hit me with the hard and pure junk. My husband refuses to drink Diet Coke, but Coke Zero is okay. If it is already tasting like zero, is that switch to Pepsi an acceptable one?

Why are we discussing this? Because my co-worker should have gone to another store to buy the correct sugar-free, decaffeinated whatever it was. There are some things you don’t mess with. She’s now bought a case of something that will end up here at work because her guest is NOT going to drink that. I guarantee it. Now who will drink it?

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