One of the Business Managers was nice enough to bring in muffins today. As everyone grabbed one of the tasty treats, they uttered the same thing: "uh oh, poppy seeds. Better hope there's no random drug test today."

Really? Will eating Poppy Seeds make you fail a drug test?

Everyone has at least heard the urban legend that by simply eating Poppy Seeds you will test positive for opiates in a drug screen, but is it true? According to the Mythbusters Adam and Jamie, this myth is confirmed.

Poppy seeds are from the heroine family and do indeed have morphine and codine in them.

The two Mythbusters ate a Poppy Seed cake and bagels and Adam actually tested positive for opiates in a drug test. I've attached the video below.

So it looks as though it's true. Eat enough Poppy Seeds and you'll probably experience a "false" positive for opiates.