Breathalyzer tests have long been the standard for law enforcement officers to determine who’s driving while intoxicated. But they may have met their match in a new product called Breathalyzer Equalizer.

The team that came up with the item will really blow you away.

It was surprisingly developed by a team including a former cop and a DUI attorney.

The product website claims it helps those who’ve recently used mouthwash, breath fresheners and asthma inhalers reduce their “residual mouth alcohol” and avoid being falsely arrested for a DUI. It supposedly provides “a more accurate reading of one’s true blood alcohol concentration,” which allows cops “to pursue the truly intoxicated drivers and remove them from our roadways.”

But the company’s marketing strategies have many calling foul. There’s a martini glass in the logo, and billboards advertising the product have gone up in full view of several Atlanta-area bars. In addition, a “bar retail package” is available for pub owners to help sell the product.

“You are putting drunks on the road,” said Barry Martin, Georgia’s executive director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. “You could beat the test and that false sense of hope could lead to an accident.”

Take a look at how the product works below.

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