The Twin Falls County Fair is just days away. There will be many people that will choose to sit this year's fair out due to Coronavirus concerns, but what if county organizers offered a safe way for those people to get their favorite fair munchies.

The 2020 Twin Falls County Fair will be unlike any other ever held. Live concerts and livestock events have been scrapped over safety concerns, and there is no doubt that admission sales will take a hard hit this year as the country is still dealing with a large number of virus cases. Are there other ways to make up for some of that lost revenue?

I came across a story Thursday morning about fairs in the state of Texas planning on offering drive-up food as a way for people to still contribute to the local economy, and feel a sense of safety at the same time. Texas cancelled its state fair, but is going to give this plan a go, and I think it's very smart.

I know people that go to the fair solely because of the food. They like to sit and munch on corndogs and funnel cake, and people watch, and will gladly pay the price of admission to do so. Why would organizers in Twin Falls not want to give this a try?

Setting up a separate area in the parking lot where people can drive up and pay for fair food might not make all the money back that will be lost due to COVID-19, but at least it's generating some money.

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