What would you do? What would you do if you had to choose between giving up going to church or giving up fast food for the rest of your life? For some, the choice might be easy, but for others, it could be a tough decision. Both are major parts of life for many people. There are certain meals and drinks that many crave from fast food places and many grow up in the church and have been going their entire lives. It may seem simple when asked at first glance, but once you think it over and break it down, the decision becomes much harder to make. If forced to choose to give up church or fast food for your life, what would you do?

Fast Food in Idaho

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Fast food may not seem like a big deal to everyone, but to some, it would be a major loss to their life. After a long day of work, out running errands, or for a delicious snack or meal, fast food plays a part in many of our lives. There are certain things that we crave from time to time. Imagine not being able to have McDonald's fries or coke, or a taco from Taco Bell. Imagine not being able to go to Sonic for a drink during happy hour, or not being able to get a shake or burger from Culver's. Those are only a few things you would miss out on, plus many more. While it might help health-wise, is that any way to live life? It would be tough to never go through a drive-thru again.

Church in Idaho

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Going to church is engrained in many from the day they are born. If your family grew up going to church, you have been going your whole life and it has become a part of who you are. For those who don't go to church or believe in God, then the decision will be easy, but many in this area are avid churchgoers. What type of church you attend in this scenario is not important. Would you be able to give up your beliefs, raise your children without going to church, and miss out on the fellowship and community that church offers? For some religions, it would be frowned upon entirely to stop going, while others would be more accepting of it. Without being able to go to church, you would miss Christmas service, Easter service, funerals, weddings, and major events in people's lives. You would be giving up what you believe for a burger and fries, but again, would you want to go the rest of your life without them as well? 

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It seems like the easy answer would be to give up fast food, but when you think about how tempting it is and how tough it is to drive by every day without ever stopping, it wouldn't be easy. There are benefits to not eating out, such as health, money, and saving time, but we all need a cheat from time to time. Giving up church seems wrong on many levels, but sleeping in and enjoying fast food sounds nice on a Sunday as well. The decision is tough, but if forced to give up fast food for life, or church for life, what would you do?

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