Some people love Valentine's Day, others hate it. However, almost everyone can find something to enjoy about it, whether it's staying home of the 50 percent off candy on the 15th.

So we want to know, what is it about Valentine's Day that you like the most? I have friends who have to go to a nice romantic candlelit dinner every year because that is something they don't get to do often. Where me on the other hand, I just want a steak and a bottle of wine and my couch on Valentine's Day.

So we have to know which is the tradition you look forward to the most? Even if you are single, you have to admit that candy sales the next day are pretty great. Valentine's Day candy is not my favorite, but who can say no to half off chocolate? Not me!

Is there a tradition that you like to celebrate that we may have forgotten? We know everyone does things a little differently.

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