UPDATE: I left my house today and the roads around Twin Falls seemed a lot different than normal.

Why Are There Thin White Lines On Twin Falls Roads

A good portion of the road had multiple parallel white lines in between the painted lines, and I was pretty sure it wasn't just a bunch of new tiny bike lanes. That would be hilarious, but the actual reason is much more reasonable. Check out the lines in the video and then see what the lines are for.

Salt Water On Roads Causes Temporary White Lines

I had my guesses that it was from the street sweepers, but why have I never seen that before? Maybe it is actually from the pre-winter salt brine treatment the city recently did (EDIT: That is exactly what I was just told it was)? The saltwater is sprayed onto the roads before an expected storm to help prevent the roads from icing and becoming dangerous for drivers.

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TF White Stripes

Maybe this is why studies say that Idaho drivers are among the worst in the nation - we don't know which lines to stay inside. Did you see the lines earlier this week too and were you a bit confused like me?

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