Chris Ferrell was released on $150,000 bond on Monday (Dec. 16) following a lengthy court hearing that revealed new details about the shooting of singer Wayne Mills and Ferrell's claim that it was done in self-defense.

The 45-year-old bar owner says he's received many death threats since the November incident in which Mills was killed, but a private investigator's findings may help prove his story.

For the first time, details of Ferrell's side of the story were made public. According to the Tennessean, Ferrell told police that Mills tried to rob and kill him. A police officer testified that Ferrell said he "had to do it." Previously, police had only indicated the two men argued over Mills smoking in a non-smoking section of the bar.

A private investigator hired by Ferrell's attorney discovered a bullet lodged in the wall of the bar that police missed during their initial investigation. Two guns were found on nearby tables when police arrived. Police also found a trail of blood from the parking lot to the bar's front door, broken glass, a loose dog and Mills, breathing, but unconscious, just inside the door.

Ferrell, the Pit and Barrel bar owner, testified that the incident happened approximately 45 minutes after he, Mills and others had posed for a picture alongside Shooter Jennings. Saving Country Music reports that Jennings and his manager had left the bar by the time the shooting occurred, and that Jennings, Mills and Ferrell all attended the George Jones tribute show two nights earlier, although the accuracy of that report could not be verified by ToC.

Ferrell's bond was reduced by half as his attorney argued that he "could have run for tall weeds" after the shooting. However, his history or prior arrests and family ties in other states made him a flight risk, so the amount was set higher than the $25,000 David Raybin requested. Ferrell was also ordered to check in with his bail bondsman regularly and give up his collection of guns.

Ferrell was released Monday evening.