The Duran Group Powered by Epic Realty Hometown Hero award for the month of July is underway. We have three nominees that are absolutely amazing. Vote for who you think should be named the Duran Group Powered by Epic Realty Hometown Hero for July.

According to the nominator, Lisa Banta is a 4H club leader in Filer and houses ponies for her club making sure they are well taken care of for the children. According to the nominator, Lisa lets children use ponies for hers so no child gets turned away due to not owning one. Lisa has a big hear who works with young children teaching them to care for animals and is making a huge difference in the community.


According to the nominator, Cameron Wells is the owner of Cam Wells Painting and is constantly going above and beyond for the community and his clients. The nominator said Cameron is a giver by nature and is always willing to help whether that is volunteering to help improve someone's home or donating money and time to those in need.


According to the nominator, Michaela Cox works with local charities like Idaho Angels and hosts charity events every year. The nominator said every year she does a Cut-A-Thon and all the proceeds goes to buying Christmas presents for families in need. She also does food drives, school supply drives and blessing bags.