A video showing a giant bear splinter off a cabin door near Lake Tahoe is a stark reminder of the power of these incredible animals. 

I've always had a fascination with bears. I actually had one run out of some bushes and into the side of my car while visiting Yosemite about 10 years ago. The bear was dazed, but lumbered back into the woods and appeared to be alright.

A recent video shared to YouTube on July 20, 2020, shows a bear breaking into what I assume to be an uninhabited cabin at the time. The fully-grown animal breaks the door frame like it's a twig, and pokes its head inside. If I had to guess, the animal weighs at least 500 pounds.

One might expect a bear who decides to break into someone's home to start rummaging through the kitchen or ransacking the place. This bear was apparently just checking to see if anyone was home. According to the video's description, the animal actually sat outside the entrance for a long period of time. Local wildlife authorities were able to safely relocate it.

I know that had I been sitting on the couch watching television at the moment that bear broke open the front door, I would have had a tough time remaining calm like they say people who encounter these animals should. I would have probably jumped out a window.

The video made local news, and to date has more than 150,000 views.

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