It seems like fall is the most popular season in the area. Sure it is a great time where the leaves change colors and the weather gets cooler. Brace yourselves and hold on to your pumpkin spice, fall is not the best season in Twin Falls.

Everyone can have their own opinion. That is totally cool. But hear me out before you throw your pumpkin latte in my face.

The weather during the fall is even more unpredictable. Look at the weather changes in the last week. We went from 70 degrees and sunny to windy, highs into 40s and scraping the ice off our car windows. You get serious weather whiplash during the fall.

The leaves changing color is definitely pretty. It makes for some beautiful photos. But it also causes a huge mess. If you don't rake up the leaves it gets really gross in your yard. Not to mention when there are leaves on the roads and there is any precipitation it is surprisingly slippery. During the wintertime at least you expect ice and snow, during the fall you don't always think of leaves being slick.

Ahh, sweater weather. I do like getting all snuggled up in a warm sweater. You can look super cute and be comfortable. But around here first thing in the morning, sure it is sweater weather. But by noon you feel like you're melting and it is way too hot for those layers.

You look around and pumpkin spice is everywhere. In coffee, candles, pies, everything that it can be in, it's in. It doesn't hurt anyone, enjoy it. But apple cinnamon is so much better.

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