It is about that time of year, the fresh fruits and vegetable are ready at the u-pick gardens and probably an abundance of them at your office from your coworker gardeners. If you want to go pick your own, there are tomatoes and blackberries ready in Jerome.

According to a listing on Facebook fresh u pick tomatoes are available for $15 dollars for 5 gallons which translates to approximately 30 pounds, and blackberries by the gallon for $10 dollar per gallon. That is not bad for fresh, right off the vine fruit.

If you would like for the owners of the u pick garden to pick for you it is $15 dollars per gallon for blackberries.

The garden is located at 263 West 300 South in Jerome. Please call them before you head down there. They are open Monday through Friday from 5 pm to 8:30 pm and from 8 am to 8 pm Saturday and Sunday. For those that are going, they ask that you please bring your own take home container. Cash is also preferred. I am not sure if that means they do not take all cards, so just to be safe I would suggest bringing cash.

The photos that they uploaded look absolutely amazing. The blackberries and really big and it looks like more and more tomatoes are ready each day. So you can check out the listing on Facebook here and call them for any questions.

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