Local high school seniors Ali Belle Hopkins and Shania Vega are hosting a free conference on Saturday at Kimberly Elementary School to host a Woman Empowerment Conference.

The conference will be from 9:30 A.M. to Noon. Starting off the morning with a check in and brunch, Liyah Babayan will be the keynote speaker from 10 - 10:30 and then there will be three break out sessions.

During those sessions, they will offer up to four different class options: Self Image, Healthy Relationships, Women in Leadership and Feminism. The speakers are women from the Boys and Girls Club, CSI and school councilors.

Ali Hopkins especially wants women to take the "Feminism" break out session to debunk some of the rumors surrounding feminism.

"When you think of Feminists, some can be extreme, but feminism is something that we will need," Ali said.

She said she recognizes that she has had a privileged life in Idaho, and many other females have as well, but that doesn't mean that women think being a feminists is a bad thing.

"There are still things like the sex trade and gender pay gap. We need to focus more on promoting equality with men than having some think we want to be more than men," Ali said.

Hopkins ultimate goal after high school is to go to BYU Idaho to study political science, then go to law school at the University of Utah and become a human rights attorney.

The women in power conference this weekend is completely free.

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