Sunway Soccer Complex is packed

The Sunway Soccer Complex has been a host to countless soccer games and other sporting activities for several years. When the complex first opened, it was hard to imagine the large parking lot ever reaching capacity, let alone being too small to hold all of the vehicles on any given weekend. Yet, here we are. On weekends when the park fields are at capacity, parking for Sunway spills into a nearby school, undeveloped residential areas, and in front of houses on neighboring streets.

This isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence

It’s worth noting that on weekends when the park isn’t at capacity, there seems to be plenty of parking to accommodate all the vehicles belonging to park patrons. For the most part, parking seems adequate to hold all the cars using the soccer fields and First Fed Park. 

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Tournament weekends might be a different story

Tournament weekends are a different beast altogether. During tournament weekends, parking spills out into adjacent neighborhood streets, causing issues for some residents. I spoke to a few residents who said that for the most part, soccer moms and dads who park in front of residential housing are respectful of property. Others, not as much. One resident said that while rare, some visitors block portions of driveways and mailboxes. One resident mentioned that some parents don’t keep an eye on their children exiting their cars into flower beds, tromping up landscaping. 

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

No one seems to be using the overflow parking

On a recent weekend, I was driving through the area and noticed that despite clearly marked overflow parking at Xavier Charter School, it was hardly used, and the undeveloped adjacent neighborhood was full of cars. Parking on neighborhood streets is closer to the fields, and perhaps significantly closer depending on which field you’re going to. Some families might be unable to walk from the school or choose to park in neighborhoods instead of Xavier School for convenience. This may or may not change as the residential area develops and more houses pop up where empty lots currently exist. I don’t know about you, but while I’m less likely to park in front of someone’s house, I wouldn’t give parking in front of an empty lot a second thought. 

It's not illegal to park on neighborhood streets in Twin Falls

To be clear, nobody is doing anything illegal by parking on the streets adjacent to Sunway, in front of houses, or otherwise. It’s perfectly legal to park on residential streets in Twin Falls as long as you are not blocking a driveway, sidewalk, or mailbox, and as long as the curb isn't otherwise marked to indicate no parking. 

Is this an ongoing problem or simply one or two isolated incidents?

It’s hard to say whether a couple of partially blocked driveways are isolated issues or two examples of a bigger problem.

What do you think? Have you noticed this issue around Sunway or do you think this is more of a mountain vs mole hill kind of thing? 

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