Twin Falls has it going on when it comes to Christmas lights. Or, at least one street in Twin has brought its A game in lighting up the neighborhood.

Congrats to the electricity-empowered neighborhood of Twin View Lane. They were named one of the 10 best streets in Idaho to view Christmas lights by Only In Your State.

On behalf of Idaho Power, a big thanks to everyone on Twin View Lane for lighting up big time. Exactly how much juice do their sweet lights require? Christmas Lights Etc. broke down the numbers.

  1. Know your wattage: Find how many total watts you will be using.
  2. Multiply times 0.001 to find kilo-watt hour.
  3. Multiply by 5 hours a day to find kwh/day.
  4. Multiply by 30 days to find kwh/season.
  5. Multiply by 11.3 cents, or your cost of power usage found on your electric bill, to calculate cost.

Congrats again to all the Clark Griswold wanna-be's on Twin View Lane in Twin. You make our Christmas so much brighter.