Thanksgiving dinner staple is the turkey of course, but what about for Christmas? I have been hearing a large variety of dinners that people enjoy on Christmas. 

Do you and your family celebrate with ham? Maybe turkey? I have heard some people do duck or goose. I will pass on both of those. I know some people who do things like prime rib and even heard one gentleman say he enjoys Alaskan crab for Christmas. I may have to invite myself over to that one.

My family always did a ham and turkey. I am not sure if that is because we were such a big family or because we are just a big family that likes to eat a lot. My boyfriend's family does spaghetti on Christmas eve and on Christmas day they do prime rib. I definitely am not complaining about that one at all.

My grandparents always made a huge variety of food on Christmas. It was basically a second Thanksgiving with my grandparents. I am curious what kind of traditions you have, what is the staple for your Christmas dinner, especially if it is something that is unique to you and your family.