When the new lines were put in on Shoshone Street, so many people were in an uproar about it. You could see the preexisting lines and the new ones went at 45 degree angles. It was hard to tell which path to follow. Good news! They are going away.

From 2nd Ave N. to 5th in front of the Twin Falls City Park, Shoshone Street is getting a make over. The weird lines that took you at 45 degree angles abruptly, made it hard for truck drivers to navigate and honestly, didn't make a ton of sense, will be gone.

I can appreciate the city trying to come up with a creative solution that kept parking and turn lanes, unfortunately it just didn't work. So the surface is going to be redone, the lines will be redone and hopefully all preexisting lines will not be visible anymore.

Traffic will be restricted to a single lane in both directions today July 30th. Are you happy to see the lines go?

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