Oh man, this is sad stuff. The Salvation Army Thrift Store is closing their doors for good on June 14th.

About two years ago the store had a major remodel. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to keep their doors open.

This means that they are no longer accepting donations and everything has to be sold. From now until June 14th the entire store will be 50 percent off.

If you are looking for some affordable furniture, gift ideas, clothing or other hidden gems you may want to head down there and check it out before they close up shop. If you have never been in there it is actually a beautiful store.

I think I am more upset that I feel like there is no place to donate anymore, especially since the Youth Ranch Store closed.

Have you ever been shopping there? Do you have any theories as to why this place might be closing. Are you still going to try to find a place to donate?

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